YATM Creator Day 2025

Let’s learn and create together

Thursday 15th May 2025, Lighthouse, Poole

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2025 Theme: RELEVANCE

You Are The Media Creator Day unites business creators to explore fresh ideas, learn from successful peers, and collaborate in supportive teams.

It’s a day for direction focused on your content and message. Find momentum to be a leading voice in your industry, so you can build your audience and people stay with you.

How You Will Benefit

Learn from those who are creating and building

Feel a part of the YATM community

Spend time with like minded people

Boost your content creation skills

Make new friendships

Develop a new piece of content with your own cheerleading team

Put ideas into your own work

Come away with stronger connections and new ideas

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Here’s what people say…

Fiona Brennan

Content Strategy and Content Management for ethical brands and founders

I spent a large amount of time thinking how wonderful it is to bring so many people to Poole for an event. Not a major city. The strength of community and feeling of belonging is so impressive.

Gordon Fong

Kimcell Ltd: Director for 5G and Future Networks Capability.

The JOJI (joy of joining in) for me was taken to another level, in helping with my confidence, ideas and learning.

This isn’t a place where you thrust business cards around. You will see handshakes and hugs around the room, even between people that have met for the first time, in person.

Tamara Howard

The Tattooed Strategist®

What does human connection look like to you?

I’m on a constant hunt for communities where connections are not purely driven by hard sales.

I want to speak to people on a real level. Connect. Learn. Ask questions. That’s what networking feels like to me.

I flew from Ireland to attend the You Are The Media Creator Day and I found just that.

Ella Orr

Personal brand and social media coaching for finance, law and regulated industries.

I’ve realised life is so much better when you feel part of something.

Words cannot really sum up everything that happened at You Are The Media Creator Day #InPoole and the feeling of collective support, information sharing, collaboration, friendship and love, yes love, in the room.

This occasion has it all for you to join in with.

Jeremy Freeman

Human Content Writer

I recently spent 36 glorious hours #InPoole attending You Are The Media Creator Day and the “Failed Nights” event.

If you’re ever in Poole or Bournemouth, you simply must check out the Foundry too.

Rob McPhilips

Fixing broken relationships with corporates and couples.

Special things happen when you bring people together.

I was fortunate to be a part of YATM Creator Day. It was a gathering of people who all believe they can add value to people in various ways and want to share their skills and talents. Individually we are all doing our own thing, much like people in a company may be working together or remotely.

But there’s something magical that comes when a group come together with a shared

Peter Mols

Head Cheerleader | Award Winning Networker | Mastermind Groups | Business Coaching

I don’t spend enough time IRL…

I read lots and lots of books, I host tons of networking events, firesides and Masterminds.

It’s literally been years since I last attended a conference in real life. I attended YATM Creator Day.

It was epic. I met so many cool people and listened intently to some genuinely amazing speakers.

Lee Taylor

Humanising legal marketing | Helping business leaders drive change, find their voice and grow their business

It’s the hidden network of communication, strength and support for each other, that epitomises Creator Day.

Genuine connection and support is well and truly here. Well played, everyone.

Natalia DaCosta

Mindset Coach I Master NLP Practitioner I Networking Strategist | Director of The Athena Network | Championing women in business

Mark Masters has a unique and special talent for bringing people together with a high value of connection.

I am still buzzing from the energy of it all.

Stewart Perrett

Providing the right “tools” that enable business to achieve successful outcomes

I don’t go to many “conferences” but YATM Creator Day is one big family that comes together to learn, share, chat and kick back.

Running a small business brings challenges, and being part of  YATM and Creator Day has been invaluable professionally and personally.

Bethany Carter

Content with impact and heart 💛 Inclusive social media marketer 📱 LinkedIn Ghostwriting | Writing & Editing | Audits, Strategy & Planning

This is such an inspirational experience for creators that speaks to hearts as well as minds 🫶

I met so many wonderful ‘work friends’ and enjoyed having some really deep conversations about life and work.

Katie Smith

I help small business owners save time and stress by offering admin support and social media management

I attended YATM Creator Day 2024 and was truly inspired by the speakers.

The community vibe made it so much easier for me as an introvert to enjoy the event.

Will Suthers

I help scaling fintechs develop and deliver their strategy ~ Chief Operating Officer ~ Operations Director ~ Senior Manager ~ Fintech ~ Managing Director

What did I get from it?

A real sense of belonging and meeting great people doing their bit to make their worlds a bit better.

And the overwhelming sense that we all need a tribe, a community, a village. It’s great to share ideas and thoughts worries and concerns with people you trust.

Rachel Clarke

Knowledge Exchange Professional • Leadership and Innovation Researcher • Entrepreneur

The emphasis on community and how to create that community, plus the invitation to all of us to be curious in our approach, were key points which resonated with me.

The concept of community is something I encounter when on my travels around the business-world. That common ground, whatever it may be, that allows us to feel part of something and evoke that belonging we aspire to have.

Claire Main

Economic Development Officer at BCP Council

This event puts Poole on the map.

The community welcome folk from around the UK (and from further afield).

Paloma Strelitz

Head of Product and Creative Director at Patch, Cities, Design + Tech, Harvard Loeb Fellow, Co-Founder at Assemble

It was brilliant to hear so many diverse perspectives and feel the creative energy of the whole community!

Josh Williams

Gen Z Digital Marketing Manager | SaaS Product Design and Growth

It’s crazy what can happen when you simply put your audience (or in this case, a real community) first.

The YATM philosophy of inviting others to join in, goes against the grain of typical conferences, and creating a space where everyone feels welcome has grown YATM into an absolute powerhouse on the south coast.

Yolanda Sissing

Social media strategist for visionary purpose-driven founders | Optimise your company pages | Storytelling content | Impactful marketing training & workshops | Social Audio Host | Founder of the Antisocial Socialites

As one person business owners, making the leap from solitude to collaboration is a game changer!

YATM Creator Day is a day of validation, camaraderie, curiosity, empowerment and belonging.

Alix King

Ex-writer for lads’ mags. Copywriter, journo and cheese addict. Translating tech and jargon for an enjoyable read.

What a bloody brilliant week with the crew, the team, the super clan that is the You Are The Media community.

Entertaining, informative, collaborative, spirited, educational, emotional, exhausting(!), fun and so much more…

Caitlin Jones

A Marketer with a Passion for Pixels 👾 | Your local Poetry Pal✍

The warmth and dedication poured into every detail made it a day to remember.

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow alongside such a supportive community. And can we talk about the delicious food? It added an extra layer of joy to an already fantastic day.

Angela Lyons

Creating graphics to help your business stand out visually | Award winning Graphic Designer | I love colour and I love fonts

So many elements of the awesome event that I still need to take in. From the Failed Nights evening on Wednesday, the main event of speakers on Thursday and the swim on Friday 7.30 am!

Did I really get in the sea? Yup!

Sarah Hunter

Sales & Marketing Lead | Connecting Customers With The Right Technology For Better, Smarter Work

The community feel that YATM fosters is evident in everything they do, creating a space that values community, while also focusing intently on the needs of each individual.

The speakers were particularly inspiring because of their openness and vulnerability. Sharing their personal journeys, it was very easy to connect.

Carly Hayes

As a Social Media Marketing Manager at Carly Hayes Social, I can audit your current social media performance, provide a content and posting strategy and manage your day-to-day social media needs

As a newbie, I could have been nervous, but everyone was so welcoming that I felt totally at ease.

I met so many fascinating people IRL, some of whom I’ve been chatting to online for years.

Jackie Goddard

Speaker (and acting) coach |From TEDx to teams, individuals to introverts. From fear to excitement! Don’t miss out on speaking opportunities| Speaker and Podcast Host 🌳

I’m incredibly lucky to be part of this network of creative, collaborative, and crazy business owners and marketers.

Molly Scanlan

Building sustainable websites | Trying not to be evil

My highlights:

1) Meeting online friends in real life and brand new people 2) Hearing from a range of speakers 3) Having a photoshoot in a Travelodge 4)  Singing ‘Livin on a Prayer’ with a couple of hundred people 5) Getting into (and then quite quickly out of) the freezing cold sea 6) Getting and giving juicy business development ideas through all the chats I had with brilliant people

Imogen Jones

Freelancer | Digital Marketing Strategist | Runner, reader, planet lover & dog mum

It interests me how we feel closer to people when we learn something more personal about themselves that resonates deeply with us… All the speakers shared stories and in each story, I could draw similarities and parallels to me and my own life.

For me, it’s the little threads of stories that hook me in and wanting to learn more!

Spend a day at the theatre (Lighthouse, Poole). It’s centred on learning, advice, accountability, fun and creating an end product.

The afternoon session is where you have your own cheerleading team to create a piece of content you haven’t done yet (or been brave enough to share). This will be an article, a post or a video and you are going to be supported by your own team who will drive you on and cheer for you.