YATM Creator Day 2024

Let’s learn and create together

Thursday 25th April 2024, Lighthouse, Poole

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2024 Theme: ‘Building Spaces’

You Are The Media Creator Day unites business creators to explore fresh ideas, learn from successful peers, and collaborate in supportive teams.

It’s a day for direction focused on your content and message. Find momentum to be a leading voice in your industry, so you can build your audience and people stay with you.

How You Will Benefit

Learn from those who are creating and building

Feel a part of the YATM community

Spend time with like minded people

Boost your content creation skills

Make new friendships

Develop a new piece of content with your own cheerleading team

Put ideas into your own work

Come away with stronger connections and new ideas

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Here’s what people say…

Fiona Brennan

Content Strategy and Content Management for ethical brands and founders

I spent a large amount of time thinking how wonderful it is to bring so many people to Poole for an event. Not a major city. The strength of community and feeling of belonging is so impressive.

Gordon Fong

Kimcell Ltd: Director for 5G and Future Networks Capability.

The JOJI (joy of joining in) for me was taken to another level, in helping with my confidence, ideas and learning.

This isn’t a place where you thrust business cards around. You will see handshakes and hugs around the room, even between people that have met for the first time, in person.

Tamara Howard

The Tattooed Strategist®

What does human connection look like to you?

I’m on a constant hunt for communities where connections are not purely driven by hard sales.

I want to speak to people on a real level. Connect. Learn. Ask questions. That’s what networking feels like to me.

I flew from Ireland to attend the You Are The Media Creator Day and I found just that.

Ella Orr

Personal brand and social media coaching for finance, law and regulated industries.

I’ve realised life is so much better when you feel part of something.

Words cannot really sum up everything that happened at You Are The Media Creator Day #InPoole and the feeling of collective support, information sharing, collaboration, friendship and love, yes love, in the room.

This occasion has it all for you to join in with.

Jeremy Freeman

Human Content Writer

I recently spent 36 glorious hours #InPoole attending You Are The Media Creator Day and the “Failed Nights” event.

Let’s start with “Failed Nights”. Gus, Lucy, and Janine gave us a heartwarming peek into their entrepreneurial failures and what they learned from them. It was so refreshing to hear likeminded entrepreneurs talking about their not-so-successful moments. If you’re ever in Poole or Bournemouth, you simply must check out the Foundry. It’s like a co-working space on

Rob McPhilips

Fixing broken relationships with corporates and couples.

Special things happen when you bring people together.

I was fortunate to be a part of YATM Creator Day. It was a gathering of people who all believe they can add value to people in various ways and want to share their skills and talents. Individually we are all doing our own thing, much like people in a company may be working together or remotely.

But there’s something magical that comes when a group come together with a shared

Spend a day at the theatre (Lighthouse, Poole). It’s centred on learning, advice, accountability, fun and creating an end product.

The afternoon session is where you have your own cheerleading team to create a piece of content you haven’t done yet (or been brave enough to share). This will be an article, a post or a video and you are going to be supported by your own team who will drive you on and cheer for you.