Sea Swim

Join The Friday Sea Dip

Guess what we do every single Friday? We hit the beach at Sandbanks, and we dive into the sea.
Our watery escapades began in July 2021, marking our triumphant return after the COVID hiatus for our first event back. But you know what? We got hooked, and we haven’t looked back, not even during the chilly winter months.

It is the collective spirit that drives each other. We have a group and those who can head to the beach, we make a promise (the day before) that we’ll all go in together. No one is left behind and even in winter, people show up and are there for each other. 

Being part of this spirited squad in action is a dose of motivation and encouragement like no other. When you try new things alone, it’s brave, but when you experience them together, the shared excitement takes it to a whole new level.

Mark your calendar for Friday, 26th April, as part of your Creator Day extravaganza. Join us for a sea swim that will have you grinning from ear to ear and to feel that natural buzz!

Here’s the best part. Creator Day is not just reserved for a day in a theatre. It extends beyond, inviting you to be a vibrant part of our fantastic community.

So, don your swimsuit, grab your towel, and let’s make a splash together!