Our journey together goes far beyond Creator Day. 

Recognising that our YATM community spans across the country and around the world, we wanted to create a space where these connections could grow even deeper – and that’s how YATM Club came to be. This is our online private space.

YATM Club is like our secret hideout. It’s off-grid, no one can see us on any social platform where we build connections and share experiences. Much like building dens in the woods with your friends and when they fall down, we laugh and build again. 

While Creator Day represents scaling camaraderie, YATM Club is all about working in unison. After all, we believe that we’re better together – none of us were meant to journey alone. 

Routine is a cornerstone of YATM Club. Every Thursday, we come together for our ‘working sessions,’ and as the week winds down, we gather around the virtual YATM campfire every Friday. Surrounding this, we learn, we bring in the greats from around the world, forge connections, share ideas and inspire each other to make a real impact in our respective marketplaces. 


As a YATM Club member, you’ll also enjoy exclusive benefits. So why wait? Join us today with a quarterly membership at just £90 or an annual pass for £330. Plus, when you’re a YATM Club member, you can attend YATM Creator Day for a reduced price.

Here’s what YATM means to Jackie Goddard. Come and join in here.