Why Poole?

Why Poole?

Many events are held around the UK in larger cities, why have an event tucked away in a small town at the seaside, on the south coast?

YATM holds events around the country. Since 2016 we took that step to introduce lunchtime events, called YATM Lunch Club. Our home has always been Poole. You can read our history timeline here.

A lot of what we do is to treat Poole as one giant playground to experiment and test ideas. By doing it in a physical space, you can get involved and join in too. As an example, at YATM Creator Day ’23 we introduce #InPoole and encouraged people to share their stories and the town they were in.

We’d love you to come and join in with what’s happening in Poole. Many events put a focus on the occasion, not the location. Place is integral to welcoming people and to feel at home. YATM Creator Day is an event from the town, for everyone else to enjoy.

What we do is encourage people to join in but to keep everything contained, so you don’t have to pay for extra travel.

The evening before, we have an event at The Foundry, a co-working space that is located in the Dolphin Shopping Centre. It’s called Failed Nights and a way for people to exercise their honesty muscle when life and work doesn’t always go according to plan.

YATM Creator Day is at Lighthouse, Poole. This is an arts venue where we believe that creative spaces are important, rather than heading to conventional business locations. It is in the theatre, so feels like you are attending a special occasion, rather than a B2B event.

There are many places to stay, where everything is in walking distance.


There are South West trains every 30 minutes from London Waterloo. If travelling from more centrally within the country, there are direct trains from Southampton. On the opposite side, we are a 52 minute train journey from Dorchester or 40 minutes from Weymouth. If you are flying in, we are connected well with Southampton and Bournemouth airports.



Poole is not like a bustling city where you have congestion charges or any hidden costs for driving. We’re connected well from the M27 or the A350. Whilst the theatre is in the middle of town, getting around town is straightforward. However, what we do is keep everything contained during Creator Day, so you don’t have to drive at all.

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Places to stay

Here are some suggestions and where people tend to stay when they have travelled down. Everything is a walk, no taxis, buses or car park costs needed.

Things to do in Poole