What Happens

Work Together

Get ready to embark on a journey of creativity. We learn during the morning and collaboration during the afternoon of Creator Day! 

This is where the magic happens as you team up with fellow participants, creating an atmosphere of mutual support and celebration.

It’s time to come together, forge new friendships and work as a team with your Creator Day collaborators.

The goal is to publish something you haven’t done before. It could be a blog article, it could be a LinkedIn post, it could be a story behind a photo, it could be an intro video for your new series or a short video with your main takeaways from Creator Day. Something you have perhaps thought about, wanted to share, but haven’t progressed or made happen, yet!    

Perhaps you have an existing project that’s just waiting for that spark of inspiration. It could be an idea that needs some momentum or people to interview that can support your efforts.

With everyone rallying behind you, we’ll hold each other accountable and provide the motivation to turn your ideas into reality.

You won’t publish during Creator Day, we’ll regroup (on Zoom) a week later as a collective to share our work and celebrate each other’s achievements. 

To bring your work to life, it’s a case of joining in and we all take a seat at the table.

The aim is for you to:

  • work together with other Creator Day attendees on your own piece of content
  • share ideas with your own team who will help and support you
  • stay connected with your team after the event
  • keep your energy levels high
  • make new friendships 

We’ll work together, create together, and share our efforts as a team.

What is included as part of your Creator Day experience:

A dedicated YATM Creator Day at Lighthouse, Poole on Thursday 15th May

The Failed Nights welcome party (Foundry, Poole) on Wednesday 14th May

The YATM Creator Day Workbook

Access to YATM Club (and app). Dedicated spaces to meet others and form ideas

Lunch and refreshments during the day provided

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