Partner Thanks

Creator Day remains affordable thanks to our generous partners.

They make it accessible to everyone, ensuring no compromises on the quality of the event. In response to the financial burdens many face, we’ve worked to lower the costs. Thanks to the support of others, we were able to reduce the fees in 2023, and we’re committed to maintaining this affordability in 2024.

When Foundry opened its doors in 2023 for businesses to have a space to work, get to know others better and recognise that the path we’re on doesn’t have to feel lonely, it added a new dimension to the town. We turn the centre of Poole into a precinct for Creator Day.

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The Clique focus is how we can find our place and be with the right people. It’s about curiosity, discovery and figuring out what it means to make an impact. Matt King leads the charge and appreciate The Clique standing shoulder to shoulder with YATM

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TeamJobs are the recruitment partner of YATM Creator Day and have been a part of Poole for over 20 years. If you’re looking for your next step, new team members or advice, reach out. The best recruitment team covering Poole and UK.

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The sea is a big part of YATM. It’s part of our weekly activity. To have support for what is effectively NASA for the sea shows that support doesn’t always have to be from a business space. Allies can be from different industry but for us all to discover more.

Our Changing Seas With NOC

Our partnership with Bournemouth & Poole College is one of collaboration and YATM as a place for students to feel a part of after their studies. The YATM Creator Lab Scholarship is a highlight of our shared aspirations.

Our friends at the college

Our friends at Bournemouth University have been a part of YATM activity for years. They were a huge help for our first conference in 2018. We’ve staged events at the Uni and to have them as a partner backs up the solid relationship we have.

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Barclays Eagle Labs are a big part of the whole Poole set-up and a supportive team that help YATM

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