What is YATM?

Our Values

In October 2013, You Are The Media (YATM) was born as a marketing learning community. Today, it’s evolved into something much more impactful.

We are on a mission to empower people to create businesses that others naturally want to be with.

We do it with the values of creativity, independence, visibility, experimentation, co-learning, community and self-sufficiency.

What else happens from YATM?


Our private community space where we work together and grow.

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We believe in scaling camaraderie.

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What It All Means…

What we want for you is the capability to create content that establishes your presence without any barriers.

No more middlemen, algorithms, or gatekeepers. You take the reins and attract your audience directly to you. Plus it feels good to feel a part of a wider community. Here is what being part of YATM means to Matt King.